Annual Heating System Cleaning

Davis Oil's White service van with red and blue letteringWe have the knowledge, equipment, and know-how to service all types of oil burning appliances.

Oil fired boilers, furnaces and water heaters are required to be cleaned and serviced once a year. Many people think that they need their heating system serviced in the Fall. It makes no difference what time of year your cleaning gets done!!! We do annual cleanings all year long and stand behind our work 100%.

Make your heating system run at peak efficiency.

Many times, we find units have gone too long in between services. Once we clean your furnace, boiler or water heater, we can restore it to its maximum efficiency saving you money and making it better for the environment and your wallet.

  • The current cost of this service is 169.95 with a 10.00 discount if paid the same day of service.
  • Annual Cleanings generally take up to 1.5 hours and include the following.
    • Nozzle, Oil Filter, Fuel Pump Strainer and Air Filter if applicable
    • Brush and vacuum the flue ways and smoke pipe
    • Vacuum and inspect the combustion chamber
    • Inspection and adjustment of drive belts and pulleys
    • Efficiency test and tag
    • Visual inspection of system pressure, relief valve, and hyvent
    • Flush, drain and test Low Water Cut-Off

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  • Judie Tobin

    Your people were amazing! They were efficient, professional and determined – especially getting the old tank out. It was a job well done and I appreciate the effort it took.