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What’s The Difference Between A Boiler And A Furnace?


When your home or business has baseboard registers, toe space heaters, fan-driven wall heaters or steam radiators, these are all powered by a “Boiler”. Boilers heat water to supply energy to the above mentioned heating mechanisms.


If you have registers in your floors (and sometimes in the walls or ceilings), you have hot air heat. A furnace is used to heat air and with an assist from a fan, heat from the furnace is delivered out of your registers.

Davis Oil believes in installing the best American made boilers & furnaces.

Davis Oil believes in installing the best boilers & furnaces made, period. We are a proud supplier and installer of American made boilers such as Weil McLain and Peerless as well as Furnaces made by Williamson and Thermopride. When Davis Oil is hired to install these brands, combined with our annual service, you can expect years of trouble-free, efficient comfort to your home or business.

Davis Oil stands behind their installations 100% parts and labor for one full year after the installation. After this period ends, the manufacturer warranty is in full effect.

A properly maintained boiler or furnace combined with using our extra filtered fuel usually runs trouble free for the season.

Many people think that they need their annual service done in the Fall at the beginning of the heating season. This is a complete myth! We do annual services all year long and it makes no difference as long as it is done once a year.

We offer our annual service for a low flat fee. Included in this fee is the following. 1-nozzle, 1-filter, 1-fuel strainer and 1-air filter if applicable. The annual service also includes a brush and vacuum of the flue passages, smoke pipe, and combustion chamber. An efficiency test is also performed to verify that your unit is running at peak efficiency. An overall check including system pressure and the integrity of system components is included. We will contact you if your heating system is in need of extra work and will leave a clearly marked tag stating the work we performed, the efficiency of the unit and any extra repairs performed or needed.

Three Davis Oil employees standing in front of one of their service vans
  • Judie Tobin

    Your people were amazing! They were efficient, professional and determined – especially getting the old tank out. It was a job well done and I appreciate the effort it took.